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The Vewlix HD/4k next generation arcade machine

Re-discover lost childhood games with the latest in arcade technology packaged in a stylish ergonomic design, fully future proof and expandable to include the latest games in stunning 4k resolution.View our products


Choose the LED color to allow the Vewlix to match with your existing interior design color scheme


Choose 'two players' from the upgrades to play with a friend side by side or opt for a Sanwa controller for extra stealth


Hook up a multitude of devices via the Vewlix’s HDMI inputs to be viewed on our Full HD or 4k monitor

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A gaming utopia awaits you with a Vewlix

As electronic technology rapidly moves forward, ARCADUST offers an elegant solution. The Vewlix mission is to rescue games and consoles from a fate of being lost and forgotten whilst allowing for full customisability and integration of the latest games available- from the PC and console world. A Vewlix is at home in any high-end living space, and as we give you the freedom to personalise and remain at the forefront of advancing graphics and expandability you will never need another arcade machine.

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Specification and Customisation

Each Vewlix is assembled with a variety of customisable aspects from a list of high-end components.

Full HD or 4k screen

32” Low lag LG monitor with either Full HD 1080p 60hz or 4K 1440p 144hz


One or Two Players using customizable high-quality Sanwa silent or classic arcade buttons


Easily connect any device - RaspberryPi, PS4, Xbox ONE or PC via the Vewlix’s HDMI inputs

Over 10,000 games

Spanning over 20 systems using our exclusive interface and fully expandable to include further titles


Multiple LED options (red, white) to integrate perfectly into any space

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Delivery and support

All Vewlix arcade machines are delivered professionally and safely to ensure your order reaches you on time and in perfect condition. We also have a dedicated specialised team of passionate gamers to assist you at any stage of your order and to guide you with comprehensive after-sales support.