Why buy a Vewlix

An arcade machine from Japan

After the arrival of this machine in 2007, most of the Japanese living rooms adopted it quickly. Robust and with a high-end finish, it fits perfectly in your living space, arousing curiosity in everyone, for fun evenings with friends- whether kids or adults.

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Type of games

Its ultra-flexible connectivity allows you to connect any device. Enjoy your Xbox, PlayStation or PC and rediscover all your games. Our machines include a LattePanda PC. Small and powerful, it allows you, via Windows 10, to install all available emulators as well as the most recent PC games.

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Taito launched the Vewlix arcade machine to take advantage of the features of this system. The arcade machine is equipped with a 16inch HD LCD monitor. You can also view the screen in 4/3 format and rotate the screen 90 degrees, sometimes necessary for certain style games.

Consumption: 350 W; 32-inch LCD screen; Manual rotary screen; Stereo sound amplified through mini-jack; Controller Panel for 1 or 2 players; Removable panel; Dimensions: 80 x 85 x 160cm; Weight: 125kg.

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